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What Is Managed IT Services?

How well do you manage the cybersecurity of your small business?

According to the World Economic Forum, cyberattacks are the second global risk for business leaders, with fiscal crises as the top one. Most cyber hackers attack small businesses because they often fail to prioritize the security of their network systems. 

Fortunately, more enterprises have opened their doors to help small businesses through managed IT services. 

Many small businesses have partnered with third-party managed service providers (MSPs) to help them with their information technology needs and business goals while reducing cost and downtime concerns. 

But really, what is managed IT services and how can they help small enterprises? Read on to find out.

What Is Managed IT Services

Managed IT Service is the practice of hiring a third-party contractor to handle the management of technologies for a company. The goal is to support the technology needs of a company with little to no internal capabilities. 

What Are Managed Services Providers

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) is the third-party provider of network, application, infrastructure, and security services to a company who’d like to improve their operations and cut expenses.

Different Types of Managed Services Provider

There are different types of managed services for every client:

Traditional Managed Services

A go-to reactive services model of break/fix support such as network interruptions or failures.

  • Incident & Problem Management. Restoring normal service as quickly as possible.
  • System Administration. The overall management and optimization of a company’s technology infrastructure, with consideration to the key strategic areas within the organization.
  • Patch Management. All-inclusive planning and execution of software updates to secure proper patch management – from testing, scheduling, and on-time implementation.

Advanced Managed Services

Proactive services that go beyond the traditional managed services to prevent any system issues from occurring. 

  • Enhanced Monitoring. Identifying potential issues before they grow into full-blown incidents.
  • Service Management. Full-blown, real-time monitoring and reporting of covered systems with detailed tracking of each incident encountered.

NextGen Managed Services

Aside from the traditional and advanced managed IT service offerings, NextGen MSPs have evolved to understand and gain insights first on each client’s business goals, key performance indicators, resources, and core technologies to come up with a comprehensive service package.

Support Services Provided by Managed Service Providers

Most managed IT service providers offer the following services:

  • IT support and customer service help desk
  • 24/7 monitoring and scheduled maintenance and report of IT systems
  • Malware Protection
  • Software Update Patch and backup provision management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Strategic business solutions and advice

Pros and Cons of Hiring A Managed Services Provider

If you’re interested in hiring a managed service provider, weigh between the pros and cons first, and it would affect your business.

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  • Business savings (cost and time savings)
  • Advanced technology
  • Seasoned IT professionals
  • Business focus
  • 24/7 monitoring and regular maintenance


  • Data privacy issues (due to shifting control)
  • Communication gap (due to location and time zone differences)
  • Negative work culture (if not explained well to your in-house team)

Hire the Best Managed IT Services Provider Now!

Your current technology needs, capabilities, and preferred qualifications are always the key factors when hiring an MSP team. Compare and evaluate your prospective MSPs before you let them access your security system.

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