remote computer repair

Professional IT and Remote Computer Repair Services

Kingston Business Solutions can provide an array of professional IT and remote computer repair services that are customized to achieve success for our clients’ goals and needs. We provide consulting, remote work, and hands-on infrastructure installations. Our areas of expertise that can help you with your current IT needs and your IT plans for the future are: software/application development, cloud solutions, professional management of projects, support of IT systems, cybersecutity services, IT system management auditing with assessment of risks, the development of business information utilizing collection, analysis and presentation services, and digital mapping/geographic information consulting.

remote computer repair

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply put, yes we can. Our experts will work with you in developing a technology roadmap that guides you from your current state to the furure optimal state that supports and enhances your business processes with technology. We transform your technology plaform into one that works for you and not the other way. We believe that the effective use of technology will give you the competitive edge.

Yes. We work closely with you in determining the right technology for your business. We work with multiple vendors to get you the best price possible, thus reducing your technology budget.

Yes. Automatic monitoring is only one of the many services we provide. These tools are used to manage and prevent potetntial issues. Our capable technicans and solution providers employ the necessary tools to ensure your systems are running when you need it the most.