outsourced IT support

Pros and Cons of Outsourced IT Support

Computers are a must in every business, especially in today’s digital world. This means that even small to medium-sized businesses need an IT support system to help them run their bakeshops, grocery stores, and even home-based enterprises.  And most of them rely on outsourced IT services, commonly known as managed services providers (MSP), to prevent and reduce[…..]

understanding the differences between computer security vs network security

Computer Security vs Network Security vs Information Security: What’s the Difference?

Security enhancements within business organizations are a must in this ever-advancing world of technology. Failure to do so could lead to data breaches, and worse, business breakdown. Investing in an advanced security system is critical to protect your data, money, and reputation in the industry. But before you proceed with the advancements, it’s essential to understand first[…..]