Technology is a must for business growth. It can lower costs and bring services and products to market faster. It can also enable a more efficient and productive workforce. How can you stay on top of your game? You’ll need a technology-focused organization that will provide your company with innovative solutions to optimize your potential.

With over twenty years in the industry, Kingston Business Solutions is a trusted provider of technology services. Our team of experienced and certified professionals and managers can guide you through IT project management, ERP consulting, GIS Services, IT security and auditing, training, offsite IT support, business intelligence, and dashboard reporting, among many others. These can help maximize your company’s efficiency, reliability, and quality.

Let us compliment your business resources with professionals that are committed to delivering the right solution for your organization. We would love to meet with you to review your needs and propose a solution customized to your goals.

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IT Project Management and Offsite IT Support Services

Our team of experienced and certified professionals provide:

Project Management
Our consultants assist with the selection, implementation, training, support and guidance of an Enterprise Resource Planning system.
Managed IT Services
Our team of certified, expert professionals will ensure the efficient running of your computer systems around the clock.
Business Intelligence
We employ technologies, applications and practices for the collection, integration, analysis, and presentation of business information.
IT Service Delivery
Covering design, development, deployment, operation and retirement of IT systems, ensuring your IT infrastructure meets the needs of your business.
Break-Fix Services
We understand that things can happen fast and wreak havoc on your business. If you need on-site repairs and troubleshooting, we have you covered.
IT Security and Cybersecurity
We employ world class security strategies that prevents unauthorized access to organizational assets such as computers, networks, and data.
Auditing & Risk Management
Auditing of your IT infrastructure, policies and operations helps determine whether the current IT controls protect corporate assets and data integrity.
GIS Services
Providing digital mapping and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consultancy services, helping you benefit from the geographic information at your disposal.